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1924 Fordson

location: Madison,Ohio
owner: Dennis Turner
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The tractor is 1924 Fordson F ,I think ,Engine has been replaces serial number not legible.
This tractor was purchased by my uncle and my father in November 1928 , We have Bill of sale from Cook and Cook of Owasso Michigan . Came with Oliver plow.
Tractor was worked hard and I believe was parked in the barn for repair of connecting rod ,piston failures . Tractor last ran in approximately 1948 until today January 30 ,2021, After a 73 plus year project the tractor was kick crank started by son Matt on the first attempt, which was truly amazing.
I’ve used in the project from Fordson house the following big items plus a lot of advice . Check out video when you get a chance ,sounds great with the model T muffler . Ask Bob where it is on Facebook , I don’t know face book !
Radiator, Radiator gaskets top and bottom tank , radiator tank rails to and bottom , Engine gasket set , valves guides ,intake and exhaust valves, fan belt, fan ,air washer tubes, air washer gasket,differential gasket for hitch cap .muffler
Proud of the family tractor , enjoying most of the project.

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