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Fordson F

location: Somerset, Michigan
owner: Phil and Sonda Raby
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Make: Fordson
Model: F
Year: 1920
Ignition: Flywheel generator 6 - 14 volts / commutator / 4 wood / enclosure trembler coils / 4 sparking plugs
Carb: Holley Vaporizer 234 multi fuel
Fuel: Gas starting, Kerosene operating
Cooling: Thermosyphon pumpless radiator
HP rating: 10 drawbar - 20 belt pulley
Weight: approx. 2500 lbs.
This is an excellent starting and running tractor. Photos sent by:
Phil Raby
10670 Glendalough Ln.
Somerset, MI. 49233
Phone: 517-206-6583

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